Omg! The Best Tips For Better Cycling Ever!

Bicycling has been phenomenal for all ages, especially these modern days. It is an enjoyable activity that is good for the health. Most people, whether young or old, have turned into cycling as a healthier way to exercise and burn calories, to travel and explore outdoors vigorously. The latest invention of bicycles created by modern times – notably the Hybrid Bike which combines the strength of a mountain bike and the speed of a road bike – has made riding safer and easier especially to those who are still trying to figure out there pace.

     Here are some ways to ensure safe and better cycling.

Make Sure it Fits

tips-for-cycling-better-1When buying a new bike, make sure to check if the frame really fits you. If you want to be better in cycling, this is the first rule. My advice is to buy from a reputable dealer or store who will help you find out the right bike for your body frame. Try to do a test ride before deciding to buy anything.

Right Seat

tips-for-cycling-better-2_2Check the seat height before buying your chosen bike. The seat must be high enough just to let you bend slightly in your knee when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal. Your arms and torso should be in 45 degree angle over the bike. This will help you to take full of control of your bike so that you can ride comfortably and easily. Make sure that the seat isn’t too hard for you, because it may cause discomfort when you are riding. Go for gel-filled saddle pads or sheepskin. It will ease the pressure and friction while cycling.

Wear your Helmet

tips-for-cycling-better-3 Safety first! There are about 75% of cycling accidents in America that resulted in head injuries. Bike helmets are 90% effective in preventing head injuries and brain damages when used properly. In buying helmets, choose a bright color and one that fits your head snugly. Also, the helmet must pass your country’s Product Safety Commission. For details of the standard requirements, you can look at the government-owned websites.

Start Slow and Smooth

tips-for-cycling-better-4For beginners, I would not recommend riding with intensity right away, especially if you are out of shape. As a start, you can do a 30-minute or more bicycling on a flat terrain for the first weeks. Let your body time to adjust. Start from there, and then you can gradually increase the intensity and the speed of your ride. You can also try to add climbing hills for a better workout.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

tips-for-cycling-better-5Consider wearing sleek cycling shorts for better cycling. Cycling shorts have less fabric to wrinkle and is less prone to skin irritation. For safer cycling, choose to wear cycling shorts that have no seams or special lining at the crotch. Choose comfortable and fitting shoes to protect your feet and one that will allow you to pedal efficiently.

Ride in a Relax Position

tips-for-cycling-better-6Riding usually stressed your muscles and this might result in fatigue. When riding, always remember to ride with your elbows bent and your arms and shoulders relaxed. This position prevents muscle tension and allows your arms to absorb the shock instead of transmitting it to your body. Also, learn to float each of your leg every four or five strokes to reduce muscle fatigue. This will ease muscles from hard and fast pedaling. All you have to do is simply let your foot fall without exerting force.

Blood Flow


Once in a while, take one hand off the bar and shake it. This relaxes your shoulder and elbow and encourages blood flow to your hand to prevent numbness.


Anticipate Shifting

tips-for-cycling-better-8Proper shifting may require good anticipation. To make your transition smoother, it is better if you try changing gears before you actually need to. For reliable derailleurs, put less pressure on your pedals when shifting.


Practice Your Flats

tips-for-cycling-better-9Getting a flat far away from home is a terrible thing to experience. Don’t wait until you’re on the road before you practice your flat-changing skills. Practice changing your tire while you’re at home.

Bike Maintenance

tips-for-cycling-better-10It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro or not, but routine maintenance, even the most basic one, will save you a bunch of money and lesser trips to bike shops. It will also give your bike longer lifespan.

There are actually many tricks for better cycling, all of which can help you in your gradual success to become better. The best thing is to consider is always safety first.

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