Best Tips For Enjoying Your Family Cycling

Have you ever heard about the term “Family cycling”? The family cycling means riding as same as a family. It is a popular outdoor activity for both fun and coordination among different members of the whole family. This offers a great chance for your kids to get around and have ultimate health benefits. In this article, we would like to introduce the efficient way for parents to cycle with their children. For parents with kids have first learned to ride a bike, keep on reading these tips below. It provides valuable information to start the ride with high comfort and safety.

The Goal Of Cycling

Cycle on flat terrain: Every rider should know that the first step to teach kids how to ride a bike is choosing suitable terrain. It is advisable for you to select the flat or paved road with few people moving for kids to cross easily. Keep it some miles away from the traffic for more safety. When small riders are familiar with moving wheels, you could allow them to discover more difficult path with unpaved or incline surface as well as long distance. Longer trails are suitable for members who want to continue the ride with more challenge.

Have good sleep: In order to be energetic for the race, everyone should have sound sleep at night and delicious meal before starting the expedition. This is a helpful way to get enough power for the big challenge tomorrow. Feel fresh to enjoy your next race with young riders.

Get suitable helmet: Another important requirement for a safe trip is choosing the helmet that fits your head well. Make sure that the helmet fits surely without any rocking from this side to another side. The idealist position of helmet should be 1 or 2 widths of finger from the eyebrow. Moreover, the side straps must tight your face with the V shape. Leave only 1 or 2 widths of finger from the chin to the strap. To check whether your kids wear the helmet properly or not, you should ask them to yawn largely. Let your kids learn this good habit from you for each time of cycling. For more safety, remember to equip additional lights and reflectors on your bike.

Adjust appropriate height of saddle: Children tend to prefer the lower seats at the first time of cycling. While riding, ensure that their legs extend in the appropriate position. This helps your kids have power for pedaling.

Wear suitable clothes: Prepare some kinds of clothes in your bag when cycling. On the other hand, let your kids wear various layers of clothing for emergency. Make sure that they can get appropriate clothes according to different weather conditions. For instance, advise small riders to take off a shirt if the temperature is too high. A helpful rain jacket is effective in dealing with sprinkling. Tuck pants or tapered sweat pants are the best option for reducing the influence of bike gears from munching. Simple design of pants with less zippers, seams and buttons are appropriate for easy moving. The material of fabric should be breathable and come with UV protection. In addition, choose the most comfortable shoes that fit your feet well. All of these items are completely on your hands.

Make bike tests: Is the bike ready to go out? The good maintenance of your bike will contribute to bring a perfect trip. Top 3 most important factors we should consider about bike maintenance are air, chains and brakes. Pump tires for getting a plenty of air, make the chain works well in lube and ensure the brakes are in good condition. Furthermore, your kids may actually meet some scrapes when moving on the road. You can help them solve this problem by carrying the small kit of safety tools. Researching ways to solve the slipped chain of bike and methods to transfer the flat tire is an important task

Other options: Besides these essential tools above, you need preparing some food for snacks, earmuffs, toe warmers, bottles of water as well as sunscreen. Collect everything you need for long expedition. Remember to bring many bottles of water to against dehydration. For great convenience, install a cage of water bottle on your kid’s bike. They are very useful to help you against dehydration when going out all day.

Lessons for Enjoying the Trail

  • Safety is the first priority: Keep in mind that safety is the most important factor to consider when riding as a family. Besides the flat terrain, a safe path for all members in your family is another essential requirement of the interesting trip. Parents should always stand by children in every situation. If they find it hard to control the inclines, remove the bike and walk with them.
  • Give brief guides to your kids: Nothing is more effective than real experience. Therefore, let your kids learn how to cycle their bike mostly through experience, not only theory. Remember to offer short and brief instructions for them to follow easily. Teach them about effective ways to solve frequent troubles when using independently the bike.
  • Practice necessary basic cycling skills: Start the learning process by teaching kids how to brake safely and slowly. Hand signals are recommended to help kids interact with other riders efficiently. They include the signals for stopping, turning right, turning left or making alternative right turn. They play an important role in supporting young riders to pass safely different paths of the trail.
  • Encourage kids to develop their observation skills: Kids are very sensitive in learning new things. You should teach kids to protect themselves from dangers such as curbs, stones, potholes, vehicles, etc…When passing the road, show them interesting information like signs of road, trees or animals.
  • Treat in a right way: After a period, stop the bike for snacks, purchase something good for your health or you find hard to own. You do not have to be hurry. Make break when necessary. All members of the family should try to escape from pressure. Slow down, talk to each other or simply see the scenes around us.
  • Pay attention to the attitude of your kids during the ride: In case your kids tend to need time for relax; let them have a break. If you get complaints from your kids or they look hot, perhaps it is the moment for relaxing. They might be tired or hungry. To contrast, set more challengeable targets when kids are powerful enough to continue the ride. It is advisable for you to retain the positive attitude throughout the trip. You can do this job well by offering timely praises for the attempts of kids. Some of them are “Wow, you ride very quickly”, “You look very cool” or “It is wonderful to spend time riding with you”.
  • Do not hesitate to explore the outside world: Sometimes you need spending time for getting off the bike and discover the world by your own way. You probably have not found out many wonderful things before.
  • Make a plan: When your family has completed some rides, think about the next trip for the next vacation. Your family can share great moments of riding together once or twice every year. It is your responsibility to divide your time for different members of your family. If you cycle with the little son today, ride with his elder sister tomorrow.

Tips For Safety

Read the national rules before you allow your kids to enjoy the family ride. Kids above 10 years old are mature enough to make safety decisions when moving on the road or sidewalk. Make sure that your kids have enough power and maturity to cycle on the street. Let them follow these guides below:

  • Follow the traffic laws: When using a bicycle to move on the street, your kids need obeying the traffic laws, including signals for different types of vehicles. Cycling in the right direction of traffic protects you from other influences. Parents should teach their kids about important things such as arm signals, traffic lights and more.

  • Be careful: To avoid the unexpected injuries when turning or crossing the road, look carefully around you for safety. Always keep the eye contact with other riders and ensure that they could see you. Moreover, watch opening doors from the cars. You had better wear bright clothes and establish a bell on your bike to be visible on the stree.

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