All You Need To Know About Replacing Disc Brake Pads

As a rider, you sometimes will have to change some components of the car or repair some part. This is because after a time using, your cycle will be broken or wear out. To save your bucks, you will want to do it yourself, which require you to know the methods and relative advice to help you complete tasks.

how long does it take to replace brake pads

For the one who wants to fix their bike at home, there will be a lot of obstacles for the first time. So, there no doubt that you will want to know something such as how long does it take to replace brake pads, what type should you choose among many other things. It absolutely will help you a lot.

When should you change brake pads?

The brake bake can last for a very long time. However, it does not mean it will never wear out. If you ride the bike regularly, that component will be worn out soon. Especially, in the winter, the process will be quicker. Then you should check the brake frequently as there will be many factors in deciding whether you should change it or not.

When should you change brake pads

That is the weather conditions that might affect the brake. There will be other factors like the terrain or the rider weights, the endurance and the material of the brake. So it is impossible to say how long should a brake last in particular.

For sure, the appropriate time for you to replace the disc brake pads is when you feel that it is not good as it should be. The broken or worn-out brake will take you a while to stop while it should stop immediately. This is the “symptoms” for you to realize your pads should be changed.

But for sure, you will want to inspect the to make sure you do not give the wrong decision. The weather condition and some similar factor can affect the brake, and you should check it carefully. Looking closely at the brake pads absolutely will give you the better conclusion than just the intuition.

If the brake pad is too worn to work efficiently, that is where your problem comes from. The rubber between the clamp and the tire should be at least one-fourth inch. You can measure this to make sure your brake pad has not worn out too much.

How much time will it take you to replace the disc brake pad?

Depend on your skill; it should be various from 30 minutes to an hour or a little bit more. In the case you have not done this type of work before, it will take you longer to do this. You had better not to crush on your first time unless you damage more than you can prepare.

How much time will it take you to replace

Also, making sure that you have already read the necessary instruction for knowing how to change the disc brake pads. That is a major factor in determining your speed. Clear the way and the method will help you a lot for this task.

Types of the brake pads for you to choose

There will be some choice for you, based on your need, you then can find the most suitable for your bike. There is no doubt that, you still can choose the one which is similar to the old worn-out brake pads. But, if you want to try something new, there will be other options for you to select.

Three common types of brake pad you can often see is the sintered, organic and semi-metallic pads. Different types will have different diverse advantages which come along with the limitation. You can consult about them before jumping your decision.

Types of the brake pads for you to choose

Sintered pads pros are the durability that will ensure you do not need to change or do anything with it for a long time. This is thanking to that it is made from hardened metallic ingredients. It is also suitable for you if you often need to ride into the wet area or cross the stream.

​The troubles you will have is it will be noisy when you attach this type of brake pad to your bike. Apart from this limitation, the advantages of this brake pad are overweighted its cons. The pads also can cope with high temperature, so it will be a wise choice for you if you often ride on the steep path.

Organic pads, just like its name you can imagine, it is made from organic material bound together. This will be perfect for the one who wants to live with nature. It will not make too much noise, be quieter means that you will feel more comfortable when applying the brake.

Besides, it has a few disadvantages for you when using this type of brake pads. As it is bound by resin, the duration of the pad is low, and it will not last long as the sintered one. In addition, it will not work well in the wet condition.

In the case you want to have a combination of two type above, the semi-metallic pads will be the best choice for you. The material for this one is the blend of the metal and organic. The performance of this one is somewhere between the organic and sintered pads.

Some advice for you when replacing the brake pads

Fitting new disc brake pads can be a tricky task for the first time you do it. Therefore, you should make it as easy as possible by taking the wheel out. It is true that you can do it without removing the wheel. However, it will be much easier to install the brake pads when the wheel does not block your hand.​

Fitting new disc brake pads

Let the pad surface aligned with the tire. This will prevent the pads from noisy sound and squeaking. You also need to toe the pad in slightly, consequently, trailing edge contacts the wheel first. You will not want to realign the pad to get rid of the squeaking after that.

You should ensure that the pad height is near the center of the metal rim. Pads can slide off the rim since it is mounted too low. That situation is dangerous and might lead to the accident for the rider. In reserve, if it is too high, the pad may rub against the sidewall of the tire.​

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