About Us

     picture-about-us_2Hi, my name is Alex, welcome to  coolcycling.net, this site is all about bicycles!

     Obviously, I really love bicycles and I am a passionate biker myself. I’ve been riding for years and I personally witnessed the great benefits that bicycling gives to its riders. I believe that bicycling is an excellent form of activity, an accessible form of transportation that can certainly strengthen our physique, communities and environmental perspective. It promotes public health, encourages environmental stewardship, personal body discipline and builds confidence.

     My passion for cycling leads me to build a site about bikes. This is so I can share with the world just how amazing bicycling is. This way, I can also give some details and information about important things to consider in bikes, tips and tricks for easier and successful bicycling. I believe it is essential for every biker, especially the beginners, to know basic important things about bikes so as to minimize mistakes and regrets in the future.

     My primary mission is to:

  • Help readers understand the importance of bicycling and the part it can play especially when it comes to health, fitness and sports.
  • Help more people make cycling a part of their everyday lives by keeping cycling information accessible.
  • Help beginners learn bicycling faster by providing simple and understandable details about cycling.
  • Help people get healthier and fitter by giving an overview of cycling’s health and workout benefits.
  • Encourage people to try bicycling
  • Promote cycling
  • Help people to maintain and prolong the lives of their bikes

     I believe that respecting and connecting to nature can help me live livable lives. And bicycling is one way to explore places and connect to nature.

    For requests and more details, do not hesitate to send me a message or contact me. I will be much happier to answer your questions and find ways to provide you the help you need for your bikes. It would be great to talk to some of you!