10 Way To Increase Your Average Cycling Speed

No matter you ride like a pro or just be a novice rider, the advance is always the encouragement for you. Besides, the thing will help you to keep track to the improvement is the average cycling speed. There is no doubt that the number from the speed record will tell exactly your attempt.

average cycling speed

Meanwhile, trying to improve your speed is never an easy task as it sounds. It will require you much time to practice, your effort every day, new skill as well the proper equipment. In the case you do not know where to start, read this, the tips below will help you a lot.

1. Thing you will never think: your weight

Always, when riding a bike, you will just think about the thing you bring along with you, the bags, the accessories. However, there is a thing that you will never think, your body, “the main engine” of your bike. You can not eliminate this thing, meanwhile, the lighter you are, the faster you will.

your weight to riding

Since you need to carry your body, the weight of it can prevent you to achieve the new record. For sure, low the weight can save you a significant amount of energy, which is necessary for you to speed up. The higher the speed you have, you can shorten the time for the same road. Then your average cycling speed seems apparent will rise.

2. Your riding position

The primary problem when you are riding is that the wind has its resistance, it will try to push you back. You might not realize this when you are riding, though it will be easier for you to recognize when you swim. In the pool, in the same principle when you try to faster, the more the water will prevent to do that.

Your riding position

If you want to slice through the air, your position will be an essential factor. This method requires your skill to do it and a little practice. You should reduce the frontal area, to decrease the resistance. Instead of in the up gesture, you will need to lower your body.

3. Ride in a group

Cycling with the friends should make the day become really great. But, have ever you think your friends can share the wind resistance. You might feel that this is not a right way to raise your monthly average speed. Anyway, it is a good way to do it.

Ride in a group

Asides, while riding with some people, you can chat and make it more attractive. Competing with friends or the bike club members will give your more effort and will to complete the ride. If you have a good team, keep pace with them might make your speed faster as you try your best to chase them.

4. Your nutrient

The diet when your training will decide the speed when you ride. If you are a lack of energy, for sure you will not be faster. You should consult the nutritionist to make a diet for yourself to meet all your body requirement. Or at least, check it from the book and the articles to decide it.

Your nutrient

You should also refill the energy and the mineral you have lost while cycling. Because when you sweat, the mineral in your body will be lost. Likewise, on a hot day, your body will be dehydrated. Make sure you are supplied enough water and mineral by drinking enough water.

5. Restoration for a long ride​

Even though you cycling 24/7 to improve the result, and just focus on how to be faster, it might not go anywhere for that effort. You should know how to schedule and make sure your training time and the break is a balance.

You should listen to the body and do not force it to work too much. Let it recover so that you will be pay off for the best record. Sleeping, relaxation, hydration and refueling is what you need to let you back in your mood. Neglect the body voice sometimes only worsens the situation.

6. Suitable clothing

Even you are wearing the cycling clothing; you still do not figure out why it is necessary for it. The reason for it is the material for that kind of suit is very special. It is designed to be able to wick away the heat and sweat. You can be comfortable thank to the cloth keep you to be cool and dry.

Another reason is the fitting cloth will allow you to be faster. It will look so monotonous just to repeat the air resistance will slow you down. Nevertheless, people always do everything to make sure the resistance is low as possible. The thin cloth is ideal for the purpose.

7. Avoid braking

This look like an excess advice for any circumstances, though, it is true that it will work. Not only brake will take your time; it will make you more energy. After braking, you have to pedal harder to accelerate the bike. To reach to the initial speed, you will have to pay a lot of time and energy.

Rather than suddenly apply the brake, you can stop cycling from a long distance if you find it needs to. You can save your energy to speed up after that. If you can, thread through the vehicle can help you to avoid brake. However, you should remember that safety first, does not do anything so dangerous.

8. Pump the tires

You should check the tires every time you go out by the bicycle. You can ride speedy with an appropriate air pressure. Too much air or too little will severely affect your pace. Check the recommended pressure in the side wall to make sure you bump the appropriate air for the tires.

The bike will leak a little of air even though you have not ridden it. This requires you should check it regularly and create the habit. Cycling will need the preparation to perfect it. The full air tires will roll easier on the road to make it faster than when it is flat.

9. Check the new lighter bike

The skill will make a good cycler, but not less importance, the bike plays a role in leading to achievement. A lighter bike will support for you a lot, it is easier for you to control, lighter for you to spend energy. If you can not reduce the weight anymore, reduce the bike will sound like an excellent option.

10. Build the muscle

The muscle will need time to build up; this is unavoidable, so be patient. There will not a thing will come over night, you should take the effort before you can see the result. Along with cycling, you can pick some particular exercise to increase your muscles.

More muscle will allow you to pedal greater, which is more efficient to accelerate. The gear is often heavy for people to pedal fast that is why they just quit the exercise. If you really want to increase the average cycling speed. Then for sure, you should not skip this.​

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